2012-04-14 03:06 am
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Finnish deaf rapper Signmark

I went to his concert tonight. It was awesome. I couldn't find a video for my favourite from his 2nd album Deaf Man's Blues but this was too cool not to share.
2011-04-26 03:56 pm
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Less than 5 minutes long

Probably the best video I've seen to date on the importance of LGBT cultural competent health care. It's on that home page just scroll down a little bit. I would embed it here if I could.
2011-04-21 02:29 am

Merci Rick Mercer.


More videos like this one can be found by searching mob vote on youtube. I also enjoyed the one from U Vic.

The rant that started it :)
2011-03-30 07:42 pm
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Colbert's humour is lost on me some times

But evidently, most Canadians "get it".
2011-03-20 09:49 pm
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Better late than not at all, eh

Taking a cue from [livejournal.com profile] madknits , I've decide to give it a go:
I'll play the March Question Meme game.
Ask about anything. All questions will be screen.
Let me know if you wish me to use your LJ name, or if you wish to remain anonymous.
2011-02-22 12:36 pm

Black History Month - Canada's 1st black nurse

Bernice Redmon wanted to become a nurse but was refused entry to nursing schools in Canada. Instead, she went to St. Phillip Hospital Medical College in Virginia, U.S.A. and graduated with her nursing diploma in 1945. When she returned to Canada that same year, she became the first Black Nurse allowed to practice in public health after getting a job at the Nova Scotia Department of Health. She went on to become the first Black woman appointed to the Victorian Order of Nurses in Canada.

You can learn more about Canadian black nurses histories at this link.
2011-02-17 11:17 am
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(no subject)

Any other Canadians outraged about Obama's proposed draft budget as it concerns us?

Who needs Fox News North republican propaganda trying to destroy Canadian journalism ethics when Democrats want to slap our faces?
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2010-11-11 02:46 am
2010-09-30 12:40 am
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LGBT and religion

I do not agree with everything Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson says, most notably his stat on cause of pain for LGBT folks. But I asked to post this speech here because I think a few of the believers on my flist would appreciate the sentiment behind his words and it's rarer to come across LGBT positive messages from a religious leader.
And because I believe what I say when religion comes up as a place people learn from or come across homophobia.
Yes, religion is a place where one can encounter uncalculable amounts of homo and trans phobia. But religion can and does also play a positive role in many people lives, including many LGBT folks.

GLMA Conference - San Diego
Evening Plenary, Thursday Sept 23, 2010
LGBT Healthcare: Healing the Whole Person by Rt. Rev. Gene Robinson

“Religion plays an important part in our culture and the LGBT movement regardless of whether we believe in religion, practice it or are atheist. Ninety five percent of the pain experienced by LGBT is due to religion. And so religion needs to be an important part of our change and movement.

Healing is much more involved then just curing or fixing the body. We begin by knowing our history. Read more... )
2010-09-28 05:14 pm

Ontario court strikes down 3 sex work laws

The 3 SPOC women won their case to strike down prostitution related laws at Ontario's Superior Court!

The Attorney General has all but promised this will be appealed (as was expected.) The women and their legal team started this to take it to the Supreme Court of Canada. Stay tuned...
2010-09-16 03:12 pm
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US Transwoman Files Suit Against Jacksonville

Ms. Maier is suing the city of Jacksonville, claiming she was denied needed hormone treatment while in jail. "I was placed into a solitary confinement cell," Maier said. "Not given any medication because I'm a post-op transgendered person."

Maier was arrested on charges of driving without a license and resisting arrest without violence. She said she had a valid driver license at the time and the State of Florida wrongly canceled it. Documents from the state show the Department of Motor Vehicles admitted Maier was not supposed to have lost her license.

Now, she's suing for what she said was improper medical care to deal with the transgender surgery that she underwent years ago. "They refused to even give me my hormone shots," Maier said. Maier said the hormone shots and other treatments are critical to sustain the surgical procedure and keep her a woman. "They basically let me languish there for five days where I went through pure hell," Maier said. "I was totally ignored. They wouldn't help me out at all."

Prior to the lawsuit, Maier asked for a settlement of $200,000. The city rejected that dollar amount writing, "This case has a value in the hundreds of dollars, not hundreds of thousands of dollars."
2010-07-28 10:00 pm
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Illegal Parking

Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] fiveinchviking , I made this little video with my friend AJ in mind:
2010-06-09 12:52 pm
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Bill C-389 passed it's 2nd reading yesterday.

Mr. Bill Siksay ( Burnaby —Douglas, NDP):

Mr. Speaker, I am very pleased to have the opportunity to conclude the second reading debate on my private member's bill, Bill C-389, An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code (gender identity and gender expression).

This bill would add gender identity and gender expression to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act and to the hate crimes and sentencing provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada. This would ensure full human rights protection in areas of federal jurisdiction for transsexual and transgender Canadians.
Read more... )
The second concern was that explicit coverage in the Canadian Human Rights Act and in the hate crimes and sentencing provisions of the Criminal Code was redundant, given the fact that decisions had already been made supporting the full human rights of transsexuals and transgender Canadians and the fact that the provisions of the Criminal Code were open-ended. This, too, is true, but a strong argument can be made for the importance of adding to the existing list.

Those who are subject to discrimination and prejudice in our society need to see themselves clearly in our laws. This confirms their place in our society. It confirms that they are valued members of our society. Without explicit recognition, the lives and struggles of transgender and transsexual people remain invisible and their issues remain unaddressed.

Accessing these protections through a convoluted process using other possibly related categories, usually the categories of sex and disability, diminishes the protection and limits our understanding of the causes and effects of the particular discrimination. A right that has to be explained is not a particularly effective right.
Read more... )
A word to members of the transgender and transsexual community: no matter what ultimately happens with this bill, they should know that there are many in this place and thousands--no, millions--across Canada who love them and know them as they are, who recognize their experience, their gifts and their full humanity. We stand in solidarity with them until our goals of justice and equality are achieved.
2009-11-23 07:58 pm
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Trans Day Of Remembrance - petition Minister Kenney's proposal to fast track deportations

This bears being seeing by a larger audience than Friday's (though it was the largest I have seen for TDOR in this city).
2009-11-10 10:51 pm
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Dishonourable Discharge

 Egale Canada calls on the federal government to apologize, polish service records and restore veterans' benefits to those who were dishonourably discharged from the military because of their sexual orientation.

In Canada's extensive military history it was regularly the case that people discharged in this manner not only suffered the loss of their pensions and benefits, they often had their civilian lives destroyed by tainted records and rumours. These effects echo onward, despite the landmark policy change in 1992, when the Federal Court of Canada declared that policies restricting the service of homosexuals were contrary to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Contact Peter MacKay, Minister of Defence, and tell him to restore the dignity, morale and benefits of veterans who honourably served their country. Tell the Minister to take action immediately to restore benefits and apologize to those who faced unjust investigation into their private lives, and a general climate of homophobia and transphobia in the military service.

Peter Mackay contact info:
email: mackay.p@parl.gc.ca
Tel: 613-992-6022
2009-11-04 05:57 pm
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Other's words to the forefront - a video edition

Today's topic was dis/ability and identity. Here is a selection of videos shown.

Bill Shannon - work it out
(his blog is http://whatiswhat.com/)

2 more by Mad Hatters of Bath and Greg Walloch )
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2009-10-14 01:13 am
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Others' words to the forefront

intro to the piece )
part of the piece )
Throughout Weights, but perhaps most explicitly in the poem, “Magic Wand”, Manning uses juxtaposition to illustrate how, as a blind and black man, he is “caught in a network of contradictory gazes” (Sandahl, 2004, p595) which fail to apprehend the whole of his identity. Moving back and forth between images of the basketball star, sociopathic gang-banger, and pimp to images of the saintly soul, pitiful child, burden, and gimp, Manning underscores how he is constructed by others either as a black man or a blind man, but never as both. He writes:
Quick-change artist extraordinaire,
I whip out my folded cane
And change from black man to blind man
With a flick of my wrist.

In the remainder of the poem, Manning explores in more detail the ways in which, as a black man he is reviled, while as a blind man he is patronized and pitied. Yet, whether shaped by hared, fear, or pity, both of these constructions fix his identity. Manning reminds us, however, that although he “wield[s] the wand”, each perception is simply a magic trick, an illusion that never fully apprehends him. Moreover, this construction is not of his own making, but of ours. The poem ends:
My final form is never of my choosing;
I only wield the wand;
You are the magician.

---end of transcription---
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2009-08-10 03:29 pm
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Spots left for Building Economic Self Sufficiency (for Women who have survived abuse)

I got the following message and thought it should be disseminated far and wide. I have no affiliations to the program and know nothing more than what it in the message.

Good Morning,

We still have some spots left for our August 17th to 28th session of our Building Economic Self Sufficiency (Employment program for Women who have survived abuse). Please see attached flyer.  Currently 74% of our clients have found meaningful employment after taking our two week workshop series. 

Read more... )