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Throughout Weights, but perhaps most explicitly in the poem, “Magic Wand”, Manning uses juxtaposition to illustrate how, as a blind and black man, he is “caught in a network of contradictory gazes” (Sandahl, 2004, p595) which fail to apprehend the whole of his identity. Moving back and forth between images of the basketball star, sociopathic gang-banger, and pimp to images of the saintly soul, pitiful child, burden, and gimp, Manning underscores how he is constructed by others either as a black man or a blind man, but never as both. He writes:
Quick-change artist extraordinaire,
I whip out my folded cane
And change from black man to blind man
With a flick of my wrist.

In the remainder of the poem, Manning explores in more detail the ways in which, as a black man he is reviled, while as a blind man he is patronized and pitied. Yet, whether shaped by hared, fear, or pity, both of these constructions fix his identity. Manning reminds us, however, that although he “wield[s] the wand”, each perception is simply a magic trick, an illusion that never fully apprehends him. Moreover, this construction is not of his own making, but of ours. The poem ends:
My final form is never of my choosing;
I only wield the wand;
You are the magician.

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While I don't do much king anymore, I'd like to change my performing name, to [profile] queerasmoi's suggestion: Faux King Blowtorch. Now to come up with an introductory act for the far more suitable name. *goes off to ponder*

ps I just wanted to update for all those concerned and sending good vibes B's way, it's working wonders. 3 days into treatment and she's not bleeding anymore :) I will follow doctor's orders and keep her on it for another 11 days (though neither of us are enjoying the process of administaring). Here's hoping the 2nd infection will be treated as quickly, though my wallet is not looking forward to that bill *shudders at the thought*



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