I got the following message and thought it should be disseminated far and wide. I have no affiliations to the program and know nothing more than what it in the message.

Good Morning,

We still have some spots left for our August 17th to 28th session of our Building Economic Self Sufficiency (Employment program for Women who have survived abuse). Please see attached flyer.  Currently 74% of our clients have found meaningful employment after taking our two week workshop series. 

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King Mswati III awaits eagerly for his annual dance of barechested virgins. He is expected to pick his 14th wife. (link is SFW) For a background on the annual event see this link. Though the 2 articles seem to be on opposite end of the spectrum in terms of considering race, sexism, etc.

Kate McAlpine is making quite the impression in the geek world with her rap on physics. She has 2 posted so far on youtube. Here is the one making headlines in the geek world at the moment.

Before this post goes any further, let me make the following perfecly clear: while I usually allow for a great deal of room for people to hold opinions different than mine in comments to my posts, anyone wishing to express an anti-choice sentiment would do well to prepare themselves to be removed from my flist. I do more than my fair share of educating both IRL and in communities (notably [community profile] feminist) but this isn't an entry in which I'm prepared to do so with regards to reproductive rights. Debates with other points in this post are encouraged.
I now expect to be called an asshole for being so hard on Thomas. I probably am being unfair to him. I will continue to judge him until someone gives me really good anti-oppression based reasons not to.



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