I am now smartserve certified. I wrote and told my sister about it and how it made me realise I needed to redo my long expired St-John's certification. She informed me of the following:

You should definitely update the saint john's certification. A lot of things have changed. In practice, non medical related personel are not longer required to check for "normal" breath sounds. CPR now starts with 30 compressions (used to be 15), THAN 2 breaths (used to be breaths first). That's just the major changes. Lots of subtleties. None of this means your odds are better of surviving cardiac arrest, but it's a start.*

*she's an intern becoming an ER doc.

random things about strained ankles )I brilliantly got rid of all 7 tenser bandages I had after chest surgery.

I haven't had a painkiller in my home in over 6 years. I donated the percoset I had prescribed post-chest surgery to a friend going in for her orchitectomy. I'm considering asking someone to bring me some ibuprofen. ETA:  [livejournal.com profile] indigoboyca  came with an ankle brace, a tenser bandage (for night time) and ibuprofen! I feel so spoiled by my friends.


Why I'm doing this )

In any case, recent appreciation for transcribing some of my readings has prompted me to do a weekly post of other quotes. I hope this will lead to dialogue within the simultaneously safer and colder realities of this virtual world. None of the quotes in this week's selection are longer than a page single paced but all of them combined will take more than 2 minutes to read. Read those that engage you in full, skip over others. They may or may not be related to any others. Comment on those that spoke to you, made you reflect or on those that disengaged you quickly, with why if you prefer. I will challenge myself not to offer my thoughts on any within the post. My bias will still be evident to the critical eye noticing what I do and don't quote, how much I quote, etc. and I will do my best to be accountable when shortcomings are shown to me.

d�finition de la communaut� francophone )


Same quote as above but in English - about defining what francophone community is )

 LJ ate the original descriptor of the below quote. Redefining "the West" as it has been experienced by an Indian emigrant.

Redefining  )


Reconnecting mental health to the body and challenging the foundation of why mental  )


How one Native American learnt about himself and revisited his sexuality by partaking in community action )


A psychiatrist refuses the construction of his blackness imposed by white supremacy (translated into English) )


One academic offers a critical way to reconsider the above quote )

To Whom It May Concern:
I am not what I have tried to be!
Will I ever be able to write a few words correctly?
Will I ever learn not to misspell words?
No. Never. I am a cobbler.
-John Petracca

the poet's grand-daughter's take on the poem and repositioning working class knowledge more generally within an academic frame )



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