Inspired by [ profile] fiveinchviking , I made this little video with my friend AJ in mind:
Today's topic was dis/ability and identity. Here is a selection of videos shown.

Bill Shannon - work it out
(his blog is

2 more by Mad Hatters of Bath and Greg Walloch )
Rick Mercer is an out gay Newfy whose been on Canadian air longer than I can remember. For the USians, I'd say he's a bit like Jon Stuart/Stephen Colbert but with a touch of SNL. Quick things non-Canadians need to know before hand:
1. Our PM's name is Stephen Harper.
2. The NDP is lead by Jack Layton and the Liberals by Stéphane Dion.
3. An MP is a Member of (federal) Parliament. Jim Flaherty is an MP for an Ontario riding and Finance Minister.
4. Bill C-10 is a recent bill that limits which TV/Movie productions will get a tax rebate from the feds based on whether any of the content of the production could be deemed "offensive".
5. Newfy is the colloquial term for someone from Newfoundland, whom are often ridiculed for their way of speaking.

I particularly recommend In the Navy, Skite Skiing (not political at all) and Harper Sues. All available here[profile] femmejennshould check out CIBC Telathon.

The French president said terrible words to a farmer who refused to shake his hand. This can be seen here if you just scroll down a tiny bit and click on Video Bon Mots: SarKozy's barnyard language at farm fair on the left hand side. The report is in English but they do not censor the President's French words and in fact, they have a caption running the 1st time they show it where the words are written in case you have a hard time making them out from the audio. The journalist covering the story makes a point to mention that they cannot translate word for word what the president said because that's not allowed on air. Guess CBC viewers aren't supose to be bilingual/polyglots. lol
I'd translate pauvre con as poor sod but that wouldn't be literal. If you ask me, I was taught in biology class that con (short for conard) comes from the name of a particular mental dis/order. In short, he's called the farmer a retard. (another French word... but I digress) If you ask Eggie, she disputes this and claims con is the French equivalent to cunt. Believe who you want, I understand why the CBC wouldn't translate the expression by speech but having it play twice and written once seems to defeat their attempt at censorship. I mean, I can't be the only polyglot watching their news coverage.



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