Today's topic was dis/ability and identity. Here is a selection of videos shown.

Bill Shannon - work it out
(his blog is

2 more by Mad Hatters of Bath and Greg Walloch )

In Canadian news, a party leader apologises for having never smoked marijuana.
The leader of Canada's Green Party, unveiling an election platform that includes a proposal to legalize marijuana, apologized on Wednesday for not having smoked pot. "I am not a fan of marijuana use. I have to confess this -- I know all politicians are asked. I've never used marijuana. I apologize," said Elizabeth May
I may just have to vote Green. By the by, I'm like her. I've not smoked weed 'cause it took a long time just to stop feeling nautious at the smell of it but I do think it should be legalized already. Though reasons I would vote Green also include hating the Liberal candidate for my riding and feeling no need to vote Liberal in some undemocratic hope that the Conservative don't get a majority.
In conclusion: my love for Canada has been growing every day in the last while. I thought I already loved it as much as I could. Thank goodness I was wrong.
King Mswati III awaits eagerly for his annual dance of barechested virgins. He is expected to pick his 14th wife. (link is SFW) For a background on the annual event see this link. Though the 2 articles seem to be on opposite end of the spectrum in terms of considering race, sexism, etc.

Kate McAlpine is making quite the impression in the geek world with her rap on physics. She has 2 posted so far on youtube. Here is the one making headlines in the geek world at the moment.



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