But evidently, most Canadians "get it".
Any other Canadians outraged about Obama's proposed draft budget as it concerns us?

Who needs Fox News North republican propaganda trying to destroy Canadian journalism ethics when Democrats want to slap our faces?
Ms. Maier is suing the city of Jacksonville, claiming she was denied needed hormone treatment while in jail. "I was placed into a solitary confinement cell," Maier said. "Not given any medication because I'm a post-op transgendered person."

Maier was arrested on charges of driving without a license and resisting arrest without violence. She said she had a valid driver license at the time and the State of Florida wrongly canceled it. Documents from the state show the Department of Motor Vehicles admitted Maier was not supposed to have lost her license.

Now, she's suing for what she said was improper medical care to deal with the transgender surgery that she underwent years ago. "They refused to even give me my hormone shots," Maier said. Maier said the hormone shots and other treatments are critical to sustain the surgical procedure and keep her a woman. "They basically let me languish there for five days where I went through pure hell," Maier said. "I was totally ignored. They wouldn't help me out at all."

Prior to the lawsuit, Maier asked for a settlement of $200,000. The city rejected that dollar amount writing, "This case has a value in the hundreds of dollars, not hundreds of thousands of dollars."
the 1st 6 )
Jackson's term: 1829-1837
Party: Democratic
Fun Fact: After Jackson's inauguration in 1829, he held an "open house" at the White House. Due to the massive crowds in attendance, furniture was broken and fights broke out.

Taylor's term: 1849-1850 or 16 months.
Party: Whig
Fun Fact: According to the notes I took in 1989, no man ever became President knowing less about what he was supposed to do. Taylor was  simply a soldier, used to giving and taking orders. My 2008 fun fact is that he was nicknamed "Old Rough and Ready" because of his messy style of dress. Perhaps his inner child was a dragqueen.
13 to 16 )
Johnson's term: 1865-1869
Party: Democratic / National Union
Fun Fact: He was taught to read and write by his wife.
Hoover's term: 1929-1933
Party: Republican
Fun Fact: Hoover was the 1st preseident born west of the Mississippi River. During the Great Depression, people who had lost their homes lived in makeshift villages known as Hoovervilles. Anyone know why that term didn't stick around longer instead of reverting to (bor)ghetto, which stems from Venice's anti-semetic history? Was is purely anti-semitism that won out in this case or is there something else?
32 to 40 )
Bush Sr's term: 1989-1993
Party: Republican
Fun Fact: 1st war time president not to be reelected.
Clinton )
Bush Jr.'s Term: 2001-2009
Party: Republican
Fun Fact: He didn't call Chrétien or Martin Freedom Canadians even though I was sure he would. Hey, it wouldn't have been out of character but now Harper is PM, Dubbya missed his opportunity!

And now, as part of my spring cleaning, momentos from my 1st visit to DC will be thrown out.

Edited: I called Air Canada and while I'm not fully satisfied, my urge to make someone's head roll has dissipated. (tidbit of advice: many national call centres are in Montréal, if you can speak French, you tend to get better service) Rather than strike the entire original entry I have erased the bulk of it.

So to make a long story short, Skylar and I will now both leave together at 8. As for my flight leaving from San Fran, it's back to its original departure time. They had moved it up FOURTEEN hours. WTF Air Canada? 9 months I've been planning this trip. Don't fuck with my travelling plans, nothing good will come of that, ever.



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